On Forgiveness


Crushing Our Assumptions & Living Intentionally

Anyone who regularly plays mobile games on their phones (such as Candy Crush) knows that they can get really addictive. It should be no surprise that they are designed this […]


Power, Privilege & Peterson

Without question, the thing that dominated the Christian corner of the internet this week was the controversial interview with retired pastor and best-selling author Eugene Peterson. In the now infamous […]


Dark Imagination & Escaping Our Circumstances

Several years ago, I was struggling with work and the demands of ministry (and an undiagnosed PTSD problem). One of the things that was common leading up to and during […]


I’m A Bisexual Christian

I was watching an episode of ‘America’s Got Talent’ recently and I thought to myself how wonderful it must feel to have a talent that receives the kind of applause […]


LGBT+ Community & the Catholic Church – An Interview with Fr. James Martin SJ

As the pastor of a Mennonite church, people are often surprised by how often I quote Catholic sources. Yet, they have played an important part of my faith journey, as […]


Z Nation: Interview with Russell “Doc” Hodgkinson

In recent days, many of us have felt like the world is facing an imminent doom- after all, even the famed Doomsday Clock moved us closer to that dire fate. […]

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In Pursuit of Mastery

“A key to becoming a great writer is to never mistake early incompetency with inherent weakness.” The Introvert Writer


Imagine the Possibilities, Then Act

Now is a time that we must choose to live into the best hopes and intentions of our faith. We must stop relying on external forces- be they governments or […]


Why Clickbait Is Destroying Civilization

This morning, while getting my eight year old son ready for school, a headline on my Facebook news feed caught my eye. Having seen it pop up several times over […]


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