Power, Privilege & Peterson

Without question, the thing that dominated the Christian corner of the internet this week was the controversial interview with retired pastor and best-selling author Eugene Peterson. In the now infamous […]


Dark Imagination & Escaping Our Circumstances

Several years ago, I was struggling with work and the demands of ministry (and an undiagnosed PTSD problem). One of the things that was common leading up to and during […]


I’m A Bisexual Christian

I was watching an episode of ‘America’s Got Talent’ recently and I thought to myself how wonderful it must feel to have a talent that receives the kind of applause […]


LGBT+ Community & the Catholic Church – An Interview with Fr. James Martin SJ

As the pastor of a Mennonite church, people are often surprised by how often I quote Catholic sources. Yet, they have played an important part of my faith journey, as […]


Z Nation: Interview with Russell “Doc” Hodgkinson

In recent days, many of us have felt like the world is facing an imminent doom- after all, even the famed Doomsday Clock moved us closer to that dire fate. […]

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In Pursuit of Mastery

“A key to becoming a great writer is to never mistake early incompetency with inherent weakness.” The Introvert Writer


Imagine the Possibilities, Then Act

Now is a time that we must choose to live into the best hopes and intentions of our faith. We must stop relying on external forces- be they governments or […]


Why Clickbait Is Destroying Civilization

This morning, while getting my eight year old son ready for school, a headline on my Facebook news feed caught my eye. Having seen it pop up several times over […]


Community Formation (Chpt. 7) – The Church As Movement

The Church As Movement: Starting & Sustaining Missional-Incarnational Communities by JR Woodward & Dan White Jr. (foreword by Alan Hirsch) InterVarsity Press (Aug. 14, 2016), 240 pg. I was thrilled […]


Genre & Book Marketing Strategies

This last year has been a year of firsts for me on many fronts. The most significant has been the publication of my first work of fiction, “The Last Verdict”. […]


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