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Warner Bros. new horror movie “Orphan” proclaims that it must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own. Let me tell you about how an orphan changed my life. I have not met them yet, but already they are changing who I am.  My wife and I have not been able to conceive a child and Canadian laws make adopting within Canada a very long and difficult process.  And so we decided to adopt a child from Ethiopia, a process we are currently in the middle of.  In all likelihood our child is alive in Ethiopia as I type, waiting to be matched with our family and come home.

The joy of that coming event- the addition of a child to our family- has been the seed of hope and joy in hearts that faced sadness and despair.  Further, as we have moved forward in the process we have met dozens of adopted child and their families.  What we have seen are happy, healthy and vibrant families whose love for each other is marked by an especially bright light.  Adoption has opened the eyes, hearts and minds of these families to a world so much larger than our own, teaching them to love in ways they could not have imagined before.

Several of my friends are adopted.  One has served worldwide as a passionate missionary and gifted musician who has brought life into so many peoples world.  When I asked her family what it was like to adopt her, their faces immediately lit up like the parents of new-borns, this decades after they had brought her home.  And then there is my adopted friend who is a police officer, who has selflessly served people for years, putting his life on the line for their safety.  He is also the father of some amazing kids.  I could go on and on.

Countless orphans around the world suffer so much that is out of their control, often made worse by the shallow stigma that surrounds being an orphan.  Rather than feed into that ridiculous myth, get online on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and share a story about how an orphan and/or adoption has been a positive thing in your life.

This was part of the “Defend the Cause of the Orphan” challenge put out my Tom Davis.  We still need more people to get involved, so check it out and do your part!



  1. Carrie

    Love this post – very moving. Bless you for adopting.

  2. Thanks Carrie!

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