Coming This December!

Greetings from Winnipeg’s West End! Recently, while at a conference we were approached by several people who mentioned how much they love to read our updates about Micah, especially the funny & quirky things he says. We understand completely as he is absolutely the brightest light in our life. He is an amazing gift from God, a child who fits to very perfectly in our little family. He is truly our miracle child.

Most of you will know that we have been in the process of adopting a second child for several years now, something all three of us were incredibly excited about. However, we have recently received some information that require us to step out of that adoption process. While there is a degree of sadness at not taking part in the beautiful process of adoption for a second time, we are excited to announce the reason why: Kim is pregnant!

That’s right! Our second miracle child is due to make an appearance in the Arpin-Ricci family only three days before Christmas! This unexpected bit of incredible news has all of us over the moon. Obviously, given our struggles with pregnancy in the past, we are still very cautious, but the doctor is very optimistic. So please keep praying with us over the next 6 months.

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