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jar-profileIn addition to writing, Jamie is a frequent speaker/teacher at conferences, organizational events, retreats and churches.  From short messages, conference keynote and workshops, to full week (5 day) lecturing, he offers a wide array of material flexible in various contexts. Common presentations include (but are not limited to):

  • The Introvert Writer: Drawing from decades of writing, coupled with his work with non-profits around personality, temperament and team building, Arpin-Ricci draws together a challenging and practical presentation for introvert writers.
  • Vulnerable Faith:  In these presentations, participants are invited to discover freedom, community and genuine purpose through vulnerability.  Drawing parallels in the life of St. Patrick of Ireland and the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, Arpin-Ricci demonstrates the practical and practiced wisdom of strength in weakness. (adapted from the book by the same name).
  • The Cost of Community: Centered on the Sermon on Mount, this series invites participants to the radical way of Jesus without succumbing to impossible heroics.  Through humility, simplicity and community, the God of the impossible opens the door to life in it’s fullest in the love and service of God and others.  (adapted from the book by the same name).

Other broad themes and topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Writing
  • Introvert Dynamics
  • Sexuality
  • Capital Punishment/Justice Issues
  • Vulnerability
  • Community
  • Missional Living
  • Discipleship
  • And much more…

Previous clients/events include:

  • Church of the Resurrection, Toronto
  • Inhabit Conference, Seattle
  • Island Breeze Manitoba
  • Jeunesse en Mission Montreal
  • Mennonite Church Canada
  • Mennonite Church Manitoba
  • Providence University College
  • The Salvation Army College for Officer Training
  • Youth With A Mission Vancouver
  • 100 Huntley Street
  • Church Planting Canada

Here is what others are saying about his writing & speaking:

“Jamie Arpin-Ricci is a pioneer, one willing to go not only against the grain of suburban ministry but also willing to pay the exacting price of working among the poor. As this next generation emerges, we will not only hear about these pioneers but we will relearn what ministry is all about. Few there are pursuing this path; fewer still those who can write about it poetically.”
-Scot McKnight, author of The Jesus Creed 

“Jamie Arpin-Ricci is a thoughtful and challenging pioneer. He is not afraid to go against the status quo or to stand up for his beliefs. He writes well and provocatively and I think has much to say that will both connect to this generation and also challenge them.”
-Christine Sine MD, Executive Director Mustard Seed Associates 

“Jamie Arpin-Ricci keeps his eyes open and his heart even more so. I have followed his writings for some years now and have been impressed by his ability to see a few steps ahead of the rest of us on this new missional journey. But more than a theological speculator, his spiritual perception is drawn from his deep love for the poor, the marginalized and those ignored by the church.”
-Michael Frost, author of The Shaping of Things to Come 

“Challenging us to think outside of our ‘God box’, Jamie Arpin-Ricci shows God in place we never think He’d be, aligning it with Scripture and the nature & character of God, all through his own personal experiences. He leaves us in place we’ve never been before, a place that opens ours eyes to who our heavenly Father really is!”
-Isi Masi, Island Breeze Manitoba

“In the many years Jamie has served with YWAM, he has been one of our key leaders in establishing urban ministry, modelling incarnational living and serving with the poor in the inner city. He has a depth of understanding will inspire many more into missional lifestyle and service. I would highly recommend recommend both his example and his writing.”
-Dr. Timothy Paul Svoboda D.Min, YWAM International City Ministries Director

For more information about dates, rates & topics, please contact Jamie directly at:

[email protected]


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